Ansuz Darkz C/C Resonance

Ansuz Acoustics
Resonants kontroll element
Madala resonantsiga alumiinium, tugevalt mehaaniliselt anodiseeritud.
3 tugevalt mehaaniliselt anodiseeritud alumiinium-diski, eraldatud keraamiliste kuulikestega


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All components in an audio system vibrate and resonate. Analogue and digital transports generates heavy mechanical vibrations due to rotations in motors and platters. Amplifiers are subject to 50/60 Hz resonances coursed by the current driving the power supply. Power distributors and power conditioners also suffer from the mains frequencies. DAC’s, phono stages, streamers and other low current electronics also create internal vibrations and are even more sensitive to external tremors and pulsations. The loudspeakers are the source of the most profound vibrations.
Even the smallest vibration has a huge effect on the electronic components and circuitry boards thus it will generate new unwanted energy that will resonate backwards and forwards in the system.

The Ansuz Darkz are efficient devices to ground all components in a High End audio system. They are mechanically tuned to allow the vibrations a path out of the component and to keep varies components isolates individually. The sonically improvement is undeniably and addictive.

The Ansuz Darkz is available in tree versions and in four quality levels.



Prevent Mechanical Vibrations with Ansuz Darkz. Ansuz Darkz is a series of efficient devices to ground all components in a high-end audio system. They are mechanically tuned to allow vibrations a path out of the component and to keep various components individually isolated.

The sonic improvement caused by Ansuz Darkz is undeniable and addictive.


A significant upgrade from standard-mounted component feet.

Darkz are available in 4 Quality levels; D·TC, D2, C and A. Darkz can be fixed under the speakers using Darkz Feet.



Ansuz Acoustics

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