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Technologies and Components

Effective audible noise reduction.
Ansuz Sortz is a termination plug for open input and output sockets. This innovative audio product is designed to audibly reduce disturbing noise that infiltrates any audio component through the open input and output sockets or through the ground connection. The Sortz feature Ansuz’s spearheading technologies that ensure effective grounding. Ansuz Sortz have incorporated two critical noise reduction technologies: the Tesla coil technology which reduces the ability of any audio component to pick up disturbing noise, and the anti-aerial resonance coil technology, which significantly reduces actual noise levels.

The Tesla coil principle

The key operating principle of the Ansuz Tesla coil is to have two coils wound in opposite directions – one coil and one counter coil. In Ansuz words, this is called “A double inverted coil”. The two coils both carry voltage, and when one of the Tesla coils encounters a voltage spike, a counter spike is activated to eliminate the noise. Since noise spikes are pure voltage carrying virtually no charge, the cancelation is quite good, but not perfect. Adding more Tesla coils in parallel, increases the noise cancellation and the perceived blackness in the music increases significantly along with the purity and clarity of the sound. Ansuz uses various types of Tesla coils, as their individual properties ideally complement and reinforce each other.

Anti aerial resonance coil technology

Prevents airborne noise.
All cables and cable screens are acting like antennas for airborne RF noise which of course is a huge problem. The passive cable Tesla coil is wounded on the external part of the cable and protects the signal from absorbing the airborne RF noise. This noise is absorbed in the Tesla coil.

As there is a voltage running in the conductor itself, and it is wounded in the counter direction – this is used as the counter coil and the RF noise is then eliminated.

Ansuz Zirconium Bar

The material properties of this zirconium bar allow for unprecedented resonance control resulting in outstanding musical refinement that creates a natural soundstage, unrivalled in its purity, precision and attention to musical detail.


Ansuz Acoustics

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