Ansuz LP stabilizer T2-S

Ansuz Acoustics
Material: Titanium / Surface: Zirconium, Tungsten + Aluminium Titanium Nitrid / Titanium Balls: 12

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About product

The innovative resonance controlling device 
for vinyl records and turntables.

This is neither a record clamp nor a record puck - it is a record stabilizer. With the design of these new Ansuz Darkz Record Stabilizers, Michael Børresen and his acoustic engineering team ventured onto new and innovative territory to optimize the performance of nearly any turntable.


It is widely known that adding pressure or weight to the center of a vinyl record can improve the sound of the bass of the record. This is properly also the reason why a lot of turntable manufactures include record clamps with their audio product. Unfortunately, this advantage most often comes hand in glove with a considerable downside – the reproduction of the music turns out to be much flatter, more compressed and without the vividness that is so idiosyncratic of vinyl sources.


Record clamps that are screwed onto the center pin of the turntable also bring the record in direct mechanical contact with the center barring of the platter. The result is more background noise and an audible layer of rumbling distortions to the music. To avoid these acoustic drawbacks, the Ansuz Darkz Record Stabilizer is neither adding a lot of weight nor is it in direct contact with the center pin.

The Ansuz Darkz Record Stabilizer weighs only between 374 and 750 grams (depending on the various optional quality levels) and rests on 12 small Titanium balls on the record. The idea is to stabilize the resonances emanating from the vinyl and to avoid any clamping down and deforming of the record. For the vinyl, this opens up the audio gates of unmitigated musicality. It unleashes a stunning tonality that brings the individual timbre of instruments to the fore and creates a most impressive, three dimensional sound stage where the vocal range of a singer enchants any listener into a live concert.



The T2S (Supreme) Ansuz Darkz Record Stabilizer is machined out of solid Titanium and weighs merely 374 gram. It can be used on nearly any turntable, even on floating constructions. 

The material is solid grade 2 Titanium covered - in a particle accelerator during a 36 hours process - with layers of Zirconium, Tungsten and Aluminum Titanium Nitride for a further dampening of resonances. The Stabilizer is decoupled from the turntable’s center pin with a slightly oversized bushing of POM. 

The resonance controlling balls underneath the Stabilizer are made of grade 2 Titanium, chosen for its durability and sonic qualities. All three versions of Ansuz Darkz Record Stabilizers are unique and unrivalled tools for bringing out the very best of any High-End turntable.

About brand

Ansuz Acoustics

Ansuz Acoustics is a Danish company who develops, design, produces and sells cables, and accessories for High-End music systems.

At Ansuz we are committed to lead this narrow field to satisfy our passionate customers and clients, making any music system perform to its peak.

To meet our own high standards, we travel the world and do workshops to educate and share our passion with our partners and to assure that all customers gets not only the best products, but also get the best advice and service.

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