ScansonicHD MB-1B has arrived


ScansonicHD MB-1B has arrived

 New generation Scansonic MB:

The New B versions have been upgraded and optimized

in almost all areas:

Cabinets: The internal construction has been changed, in order to optimize airflow which combined with the minimalistic use of damping-material has created a very dynamic and linear low frequency reproduction. 

The old acoustically vented cabinets have now been replaced with a ported cabinet, which is tuned for optimal impulse response - resulting in a more linear, dynamic and detailed low-end reproduction, while at the same time making in-room placement of the speaker much easier and versatile.

Drivers: The woofer and midrange drivers, have been fitted with a new low loss spider which greatly improves the dynamic capabilities as well as expanding the frequency response in the bass region. - A very nice side effect of this is that the break-in period has been reduced greatly (around 100 hours).

Crossover: The crossovers have been completely redesigned. This has resulted in a much more linear and natural sound, which is clearly visible throughout the whole line. 

The crossover has been designed the time-align all drive units at listening distance - The result is a speaker which not only presents a big and precise soundstage - it also boasts a timing that will make your foot tap and put a big smile on your face!

Upgrade: Because of the extensive internal changes to the cabinet, as well as redesigned woofers, upgrading old models to B version is not possible.

Technical specifications:

MB-1 B:

Principle: 2-way Stand-mount

Frequency Response: 45 Hz - 40.000Hz

Impedance: 8 ohms

Sensitivity: 86 dB

Crossover: 2600 Hz / Minimum phase

Drive units: 1 x Ribbon tweeter 

1 x 4.5” Mid/Woofer