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68 x 58 x 29
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The Thalie comes from an artistic activity and not an industrial one.

This turntable is build with the minimum amount of parts; each of it has a clearly defined role and is fully optimized to perform perfectly the purpose it was designed to fulfill. The Thalie was designed with tree main objectives:

1: Perfect reliability. 
2: To reach the best sound quality. 
3: To have the audience dream... 

All choices for the development of the Thalie were guided in order to fulfill these three objectives. 
Only four rotating mechanical parts: the motor, the pulley, the tray on its axis and the bearing. The reduced number of mechanical parts and the overall simplicity of the whole unit give an excellent reliability. 

Also in order to ensure maximum reliability, the dragging is done by a synchronous motor. Thanks to it, no electronic speed control is required. On the Thalie this control is completely mechanical and is regulated by the electrical network frequency which is very stable. 

Heavy building with its granite pedestal which weight 50Kg and 20Kg for the platter, both are cut and machined to provide maximum protection against resonances that may interfere the musical restitution. 

The parts machining is carried out with a tolerance of about a micron, which is the dimension of the grooves of a vinyl record. This extremely meticulous precision allows the Thalie to get all the information deep into the grooves and thus provides perfect sound reproduction.


"This masterpiece made turnable reproduces at every instant the musical message, highlighting it. Thanks to its extraordinary analytical and transcription capabilities. This turntable overcomes all the mechanical constraints of the analog discs in order to preserve the best of the music for the pleasure of the audiophiles. We will never forget the listening that we made with the Thalie."
Philippe David
Haute Fidélité N°205 January/February 2015

About brand

Jadis Electronics

Encouraged by this success, he decided in 1983 to rationalise his production and participate to the fundation of the JADIS Company. In the beginning, the amplifier was manufactured unit by unit, from the original plans, but quickly Mr Calmettes turned out his own technicians, who were able to produce electronics in accordance with his philosophy.

The quality of these amplifiers is, for the most part, provided by their output transformer. With an original conception and being as good as indestructible, it gives the amplifier absolute stability, whatever the load may be. Entirely made within the JADIS Company in Villedubert, it is wound by hand and then it is poured into a special resin, guaranteeing maximum soundproofing and thermal stability. As for the power, the specifications are amazing: the maximum acceptable power is 2500 W before saturation.

Being the only ones in the world which respect these specifications, the JADIS amplifiers give fantastic dynamics as much in the bass tones as in the higher trebles. They present a total lack of coloration, and most of them work in pure class-A.
For these reasons, it constitutes the ideal amplification system for all acoustic speakers, whatever the impedance curve, the type of functioning, or the efficiency may be.

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