CEC DA 0 3.0

D/A Converter
Digital input:
• SUPERLINK: (BNC x 4) 2.5Vp-p/75Ω • Coaxial (SPDIF): 0.5Vp-p/75Ω • TOS (optical): -21 -15dBm EIAJ • AES/EBU (Balanced XLR; HOT 2) • USB 2.0: PCM 32bit/32-384kHz, DSD 64/2.8224-128/5.6448MHz
Analog outputs:
• balanced XLR connectors • unbalanced RCA connectors
Digital filter:
Selection of 4 digital filters

29 950,00€

About product

The new CEC DA 0 3.0 represents the original multibit DAC concept with the most sophis- ticated implementation and highest precision. We based the solution on the best technolo- gy available and applied our knowledge and experience taking the design to the extreme.

The CEC DA 0 3.0 uses a concept called R2R ladder. This is a resistor matrix that is switched for the various output levels outputting a frac- tion of an internal reference (much like a volu- me control). In order to bring the performance of multibit DAC’s to new levels the only solution is to build them from discrete components as there are no off the shelf chips good enough. This involves the selection of ultra precision resistors, thermally coupling them and building a very fast and sophisticated switching logic to

control them. The result is an order of magni- tude better performance than what is achie- vable by IC based solutions. To take advan- tage of the available resolution and bandwidth we had to implement a state of the art digital pre-processing. This is a suite of algorithmsthat would apply digital filtering and upsam- pling to the incoming data stream. After pro- cessing a 16bit 44.1kHz CD data stream it is converted to 32bit 352.8kHZ data fed directly to the DAC. This greatly improves low-level re- solution and the sense of space. The process is all user controllable and defeatable for purist band non-oversampling use. Apart from taking the uncompromising approach of using discre- te ladder technology we have taken exceptional care of the construction and operation of each circuit within the DAC.

The CEC DA 0 3.0 uses transformer or optical de- coupling of all inputs, meaning that contaminated ground connection and other interfering signals don’t make it to the inside of the unit. The CEC DA 03.0 has no output filter at the DAC output providing the cleanest possible output signal, just a transfor- mer matching the impedance of the converter re- sistors to the outside world and isolating them fromexternal influence. The CEC DA 0 3.0 uses comple- tely separate power supplies for each block in theDAC: the Converters, Clock, DSP and Control logic all with floating ground planes and our unique con- stant current regulator technology. Then the whole assembly is mounted into a solid aluminum case for vibration damping and EMI/RFI screening. The CEC DA 0 3.0 is a league of its own considering all cur- rently available high end DAC’s.

The feature list includes among others: Multibit con- version, DSD64 and DSD128 support, 1ppm resolu- tion, transformer isolated output, no I/V conversionor output buffers, no filtering after D/A, total galva- nic isolation of internal circuits from outside world, Internal clock generators, selectable reclocking,selectable upsampling, selection of 4 digital filters.

The CEC DA 0 3.0 D/A converter is the ideal counter- part for CEC`s wholeheartedly recommended CD Belt Drive Transport TL 0 3.0. You get music reproductionquality at its finest. The calm, supreme composure and confidence with which the TL 0 3.0 and DA 03.0 produce music together recall the playback by an analogue mass-loaded turntable. The concentrated application of know-how, innovative capacity and decades of experience have quite obviously paid off.

CEC SUPERLINK Digital Signal Transmission Sys- tem Connection was redesign for the new DA 0 3.0. SUPERLINK is CEC’s proprietary digital signal transmission system that transports music signals and synchronization (clock) signals with separate cables. The SPDIF- and AES/EBU- systems, com- monly used in coaxial digital outputs and optical outputs, transmit both the music and clock signalsthrough the same cable, and thus are prone to jittereffects caused by the signals interfering with each other. CEC’s SUPERLINK system transmits these signals separately with multiple cables, requiring no encoding/decoding process for data transmission. It minimizes deterioration of the music signal during transmission by using the clock signals from the D/A converter’s master clock generator to achieve complete synchronization. CEC combines the best drive system, a very excellent transfer concept and precise signal processing to create a CD drive/con- verter package with superior sound quality - to pack more into these products is currently unimaginable.

About brand


The ultimate task of a high-end audio component is to breathe life into reproduced music and convey to the listener that the soul of the performer lives in each musical event.

In 1954, when CEC was established, the audio industry was still in its infancy. For example, the field of drive motors for phono turntables was as yet largely unexplored.

CEC became the first company to make turntables in Japan, and our products were highly regarded by music lovers.

CEC was one of the leading suppliers of turntables and CD players in the consumer field with major brand OEM customers including Grundig, Marantz, Teac, Sony, Sanyo, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Alpine, Kenwood, Sharp etc 

For CEC, the aim has always been clear - to create superior, high-end audio products; a quality-oriented policy that has served us and our customers well, regardless of market fluctuations. For this we have inaugurated in 2011 a new company building, as well as a new production facility in Japan. 

The first CEC CD player was introduced in 1983. Due to our analog experience our engineers were able to implement the belt drive system to CD transports.

The world's first belt drive transport was born in 1991 - 
CEC 's TL 1. Since then, CEC has continued to develop and refine belt drive CD transports. A technology for which CEC holds worldwide patent rights.

The result: music reproduction on its highest level

CEC opened a new chapter in music reproduction in 1991 with the world's first belt drive CD transport, the now famous TL 1.

The development of the TL 1 started on the technical premise that in their basic form, analog turntables and digital CD players are fundamentally the same. Although the speed of a CD varies, the change takes place in tiny increments. In other words the speed during a certain time period can be seen as constant.

Based on this result CEC developed a completely new CD playback system, which is free from acoustic feedback, has a higher signal to noise ratio and eliminates jitter. For this development CEC has worldwide patent rights.

CEC use a low torque motor which drives via a precision belt a heavy stabilizer. The stabilizer not only secures the CD disc but also increase its inertia 26 times. The extremely heavy drive mechanism floats on a dual suspension system with high noise absorption. The drive and laser motors are isolated electronically, magnetically and mechanically from the laser pickup, and are coupled only via precision belts. The stabilizer centers the disc and provides excellent vibration absorption characteristics as well as a strong flywheel effect.

The high precision turntable shaft, a result of our analog experience, has a 4mm spindle of the highest precision with several self lubricating bearings.

Creative mastery of vibration control techniques resulted in this landmark product whose uniquely analog musicality has been hailed as nothing less than a revolution in digital audio.The TL 1 was considered to be the finest, and most musically satisfying instrument for digital reproduction in the opinion of music lovers, highend amplifier and loudspeaker manufacturers, and the world's high-end audio press.

The CEC Superlink is our innovative signal interconnect solution. It requires four discrete interconnect cables. The left/right-clock data, bit-clock data and digital audio music data are all transmitted from the CD-transport to the DAC while the master-clock is generated inside the DAC and sent to the CD-transport. The transmission is done with 4 x 75-Ohm BNC cables with impedance matching. Combining these latest digital data transfer techniques with our tried-and-tested belt-drive system, we have created audio reproduction free from motor noise.

Our new CEC TL 3N CD transport offers beautiful, precise and rewarding reproduction. The care and attention taken over the many technical innovations in the new CEC DA 3N make it sonically rich, detailed and emotionally gripping. Using high quality BNC cables to ensure minimal signal interference, the DA 3N makes it possible to transmit
high quality signals from its ideal counterpart – the CEC TL 3N - to the DAC, free of distortions and jitter with CEC Superlink. The CEC Superlink interconnect system, which uses high quality BNC cables, ensures optimal, jitter free, signal transfer from the CEC TL 3N transport to its matching DA 3N DAC.

Test reports in international magazines as well as the testimony of our satisfied customers worldwide confirm 
that we have achieved our musical objective:
music reproduction on its highest level.

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