Moat Audio is a company importing and reselling high-end audio equipment. We advise clients personally, to find the right audio solution just for them. Naturally, our philosophy also includes the set-up and tuning of audio equipment in the customer's home, considering the smallest details.

Moat Audio Salon has specific, acoustically treated music listening rooms (Vicoustic) for customers.

Customers and audiophiles can listen to different audio solutions and even test their own equipment with our systems.

Moat Audio audio solutions are based primarily on reproduction of vinyl sound, CD sound and nowadays very popular streaming sound. Our goal is to get the best out of these three above mentioned media, the best that could be obtained today.

 Vinyl records were forgotten some time ago, but now that they are revived, this music format is a wonderful source for analogue admirers. With well-chosen, well-designed technologies, the vinyl sound can be brought to a level that's great fun to listen to.

 The CD - it has long been argued that this adorable silvery disc will disappear from audio scenery. It certainly will not, and probably will return the same way as vinyl records are making their comeback now. The thing is, over time, high-end audio technologies will become more perfect, and this in turn will produce a growing number of new sounds that you've probably not heard before. The CD is a magic medium and you can get the best possible audio experience from a properly selected and well-balanced sound system. 

Moat Audio has worked hard to reproduce music perfectly via the above mentioned media, and has found products for its brand portfolio, which are the absolute high-end top in audio scenery today. Our distribution portfolio includes world famous names such as Raidho Acoustics, Aavik Acoustics, Ansuz Acoustics, Thales (Baltics), EMT (Baltics), C.E.C, Soulution, Jadis Electronics, Wilson Benesch, Audiodesk Gläss, Primare etc.

 People ask why our name is Moat Audio and what this MOAT means. The explanation is simple: our salon is located in Vallikraavi Street, in English “vallikraav” is “moat”, so it occurred to us to use the word in the name.