Raidho XT - 1

Compact 2-way loudspeaker with Titanium coated Ceramix drivers
50 W (Though we have seen excellent results with small tube amplifiers)
85 dB 2.83 V/m
80 Hz – 50 KHz
3.5 kHz 1.5
1 sealed ribbon tweeter 1 100 mm titanium coated ceramix driver
6 ohm
Klaveri valge; Klaveri must
145 x 320 x 230 mm
8 Kg
Kõlari stand ei sisaldu hinnas

6 950,00€

Toote info

WHAT IS THE “T” ALL ABOUT? The Raidho X and X-T series of loudspeakers are all built around the same Raidho X-driver that has a very compact and magnetically rigid neodymium magnet motor system. The X and X-T drivers both share an extremely rigid ceramic cone manufactured in a Pio plasma process over 80 hours where a ceramic composition layer is formed in liquid thru a high current/voltage process. The resulting membrane is a sandwich where two extremely stiff ceramic skin layers encapsulates a much softer aluminum core. This sandwich construction has two great benefits for audio reproduction, 1. the cone is very stiff, and 2. It has very very good damping properties. The X driver is truly state of the art in this respect, where the cone works pistonic up to more than 10 KHz and where the first order resonance is a peak of less than 6dB. This makes for a drivers with a membrane that is extremely “quiet” in its working range from the deepest bass and until it is rolled off at app 3Khz. The X-T driver is a further refinement of this already incredible X- driver to make excellent into incredible. The T is Titanium, what we do is that we in a vacuum aided process ad layers of titanium nitride and pure titianium on top of the ceramic X driver membrane. This transforms the X ceramic sandwich cone into an even stiffer and better damped 7 layer sandwiched cone. Now with a first fundamental resonance of 15 KHz and a breakup resonance of only 3 dB… Is it significant..? Oh yes it is, while we can’t really tell the difference in measurements on the final speaker, then we can by listening. Clarity and blackness of the background is greatly enhanced to a degree that will leave you amazed over the richness of instruments and natural details emerging form your music collection. Realism grows and it will really let you explore the intent and fines of your favorite artists. We put the T in the X.   Raidho Acoustics’ speakers, the X-1 and X-1T, are elegant and compact size stand-mount mini monitors. The speaker is built with the Raidho Ribbon Tweeter and a bass/mid-range driver with ceramic membrane and ceramic/titanium membranes. The mid-range drivers feature our newly developed neodymium based magnet system in a long throw and low compression design. The loudspeakers are primarily designed for smaller rooms and can be placed relatively close to the rear wall. The X-1 and XT-1 are also very ideal for studio work and near-field monitoring.



Evolutionary, Revolutionary and Unique

Raidho Acoustics develops and manufactures loudspeakers for people with a sense for aesthetics. Those who think sound should be fantastic, want their listening experience to be out of the ordinary and expect good-looking equipment with an exceptional design and cool visual expression.

The unique technology of Raidho Acoustics is an extension of the classic technologies that have been at the heart of HiFi loudspeakers for years. But Raidho Acoustics have turned away from the mainstream development of “synthetic sound” or simulated HiFi. We operate with the genuine article. Developments in genuine HiFi had come to a standstill a few years ago, until Raidho came up with some ideas for lifting HiFi sound to new levels. If you are interested, you will find documentation that “we do what we say” on this website, showing the fine test results and awards won in recent years by Raidho models in series 1, 2 and 3. “Speaker of the Year”. We are very proud of these awards, but we are humbled by the accompanying obligation to do things even better. Raidho is not for everyone. You need to know what you are looking for, and then Raidho will deliver what you want.

Handmade speaker

“Good sound does not just blow in from nowhere. Reproducing good sound calls for expertise and hard work.”

At Raidho we say we have a special knack – so we do not let just anybody assemble a Raidho loudspeaker. What would be the point of innovative developers creating outstanding units, and skilled carpenters building beautiful cabinets in the best materials, if the elements are not assembled with due respect for the ultimate product that a Raidho loudspeaker really is?

By checking and checking again we make sure that we live up to our own ambitious goals for the products we want to supply to a quality-conscious and discerning audience.

All the units in a loudspeaker are designed, manufactured and assembled by Raidho Acoustics themselves. In the design process we seek to create something unique, and the reward is a very special harmony in the interplay between the design of the cabinet and the design of the sound.

Raidho Ceramix Drivers

Raidho Acoustics has set path to develop the ultimate driver for loudspeakers. Looking at the driver market today one can see that not much has changed over the last decade. To Raidho there was little doubt that the ridged piston cone approach was the only right path to take in order to make the best possible Raidho dynamic Driver.

Raidho Ribbon Tweeter FTT75

The Raidho Ribbon tweeter FTT75-30-8 is a unique sealed ribbon tweeter. The tweeter employs an array of neodymium magnets to create an extremely powerful force field where an ultra thin membrane is suspended. The membrane weighs less than 0.02 g. Due to low mass the tweeter stores no energy and has no resonances. The performance is extraordinaire and the tweeter leaves absolutely no fingerprint on the speaker system.

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