Thales Record Clamp

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The Problem -

During the process of playing a record, minute vibrations are created in the vinyl as a result of the stylus tracing the groove. Left untreated, these vibrations can make their way back to the stylus, resulting in spurious output from the cartridge. The turntable platter and or mat are intended to damp the LP, reducing the errant vibrations. For the mat or platter to do their job, there must be intimate contact with the record. Compounding the problem is the fact that most records are not perfectly flat, making good contact with the mat or platter even more difficult. The intent of a record clamp or weight is to tightly couple the record to the platter or mat so these vibrations are more effectively transferred therefore maximizing the damping offered by the platter and mat. On the surface then, it would seem like a clamp is a good idea, so let’s look at the options.






It all began when Micha Huber sought for a way to combine the advantages of a conventional pivoted tonearm and those of a linear tangential pick-up arm. The solution method is based on the well-known elementary school aid to construct a tangent: the Thales' circle. After much thought and calculations, a three-dimensional mechanical solution emerged that satisfies all the requirements placed on a modern pick-up system.

The long-cherished dream of geometrically correct tracking with low friction pivoted bearings became reality. A new patent was added to the dozens of existing patents that testify to this dream: CH 694567 Tangential Pivoted Tonearm, announced in May 2004.


Our products are characterized by elegant and noble design with a touch of understatement. We do not follow the tendency to spoil material but underline the inner values. Shape, material and surface are the result of a carefully executed engineering process, to make sure every single part performs its function in the overall concept perfectly. In 2016, we started our cooperation with Steuri Industrial Design. The look of the TTT-Slim II, designed by Milos Ristin and Thomas Steuri, is the first outcome of this joint development work.



Our philosophy is not only to find theoretical perfect solutions but also to realize them the most precise way and achieve continuous improvement in order to set new standards in music reproduction. Therefore, we invest into research and development constantly and we realized tangential pivoted tonearms with more complex mathematical background allowing more elegant mechanical execution.

Based on the experience that a turntable with its tonearm should be designed as one single unit, we have developed our own turntable-line which meets highest requirements. The portfolio is completed by our own phono- and line-cables.

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