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levin design has designed a record cleaning brush after along product study.The handle of the brush is handmadeis a combination of different wood /material(bog oak, root wood, karelianBirch Maser, pear wood, POM | technical plastic), aluminiumpanel and Chinesegoat hairor horse hair. The record cleaning brushes are producedby traditional BrushManufacturer methods, that meansthe natural hair pull in by hand.The benefit of this record cleaning brush are: -it is an antistatic natural product, -has a new geometry, the dust is absorbed over the surface from the record into the natural goat hair structure. -handle has been extended so that a beautiful hapticis created (approx. 16.cm) -a various range of handle materials (technical plastic and precious wood )-sustainable / durable -handmade in Solingen, Germany


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